Childhood Obesity : How do we fix it?

Obesity is the result of consuming too many calories and not having enough activity throughout the day to burn those calories. Difficulty for parents in their roll with childhood obesity stems from dual-working households, the expense of purchasing higher-nutritional foods, popularity and immense use of technology by households and genuine confusion about how much children […]

How the internet has changed society in last 20 years

It has been about 20 years since the Internet came to life. For better or worse, the internet has brought about permanent changes to society. Here is a look at some of them. Online Shopping Online shopping is really a different form of catalog shopping, which has always been with us. But, unless you were […]

The Affect of Social Media on the Cigar Industry

Due to the fact that most people are online these days, you’re probably dependent on social media. You’re reading this right now on an online magazine, which you probably found via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or through an email, blog, or forum. Welcome to the Age of Social Media.

The social media has a huge effect on the cigar industry. It has directly led to its expansion and allows the industry to connect with different crowds of people. Consumers can easily find all of the information that they need – new types of cigars, forums, contests, etc. You can find places to buy cigar accessories, such as a guillotine cigar cutter or a torch lighter. There are even cities which host cigar festivals in order to bring in people from different places, and these are advertised by social media. Some places even have yearly Tweet-Ups where smokers, bloggers and owners all come together to enjoy cigars. It’s really remarkable how 15 years ago there was no way to collectively form a group of cigar lovers across the country, and now it can be formed within a few days.

How to Avoid a Industry Fallout

However, social media can also bring in some potential problems. Even a few negative and not necessarily warranted cigar cutter reviews and discussions of forum boards can cast an ugly shadow over a company, leading to lost profits. This can lead to controversy and bad feelings among consumers, and turn them away from companies easily. There is damage control that can be done by hiring a company to control any negative fallout, but that’s expensive and not always necessary.

social-media-cloud-01Obviously, social media isn’t going anywhere, so the producers and consumers should take advantage of it. They can find any of the information they desire, and this will need to be organized and managed by producers, who can do things in order to market and sell their cigars. There are already many apps that are used for cigar sites and companies so that people can easily access this information at any time. Communication between the developer and consumer is very beneficial for both parties, because they can get feedback and find out what people are interested in, and this leads to their needs being met more successfully. Product issues will easily be resolved, and consumers will be able to find the cigars that they want by taking advantage of social media.

When the company and consumer regularly communicates, new members will come into the picture and will create a more diverse consumer base. It’s a matter of being transparent and putting everything online that you can be proud of. Transparency will help you gain trust and a few unflattering comments or reviews won’t have an impact on you or your company. Your customers will stay because they like how you present yourself. Cigar smoking now appeals to people of all different backgrounds and is no longer just a thing for rich men. Women, people of all different colors and backgrounds, as well as blue collar workers can all enjoy a cigar, leading to a strong link within the cigar community.